Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Story of a Ringworm

Hello friends I am back and after a long time... I had been going through a tough time for a while, maybe it is not a big problem or maybe I am taking it too seriously... Its been more than a month now that I had got a mosquito bite on my hand and I had scratched it, it became a rash, a kind of small circle had formed, I applied Betnovate to it and it subsided but after a few days a bigger circle had formed around the smaller one.. I decided to see a Doctor for this, the doctor informed me its just a case of contact dermatitis, a kind of allergy he gave me heavy antibiotics which made me drowsy, the whole day I felt nauseous, my mouth became dry... I had put complete faith in my doctor and was having the medicines sincerely but the circle was spreading outwards, becoming bigger and bigger..Many people told me that it maybe a ringworm by the looks of it. I too felt it must be a ringworm but my doctor strictly told me it is not.... After a month of taking heavy medicines with no positive result I lost faith in the doctor....I was so upset about this thing, I didn't feel like blogging or crochet or anything creative as this thing dominated my mind the entire time.... 

My father had asked me to go to a famous Hakim ( A physician using traditional remedies) Mulla Abdul Husain Bakri Malampatiwala, these guys are treating skin diseases since more than 100 years now I had heard a lot of praise about them by many people and I decided to go to him and I am so glad I took this decision. He informed me that this is actually a ringworm, he gave me a cream to apply on my hand, it is six days now that I am applying this cream and this thing has started to subside I am just praying to God that it goes off completely so that I can concentrate on other things.

I was having Pringles yesterday and thought of recycling the tin and diverting my mind by doing something creative. I wrapped it with yarns of different shades , I used fabric glue to stick the yarn around the tin. It now sits on my table holding my hooks.

Looking  forward  to more of such creative fun. I have so many projects which I need to start because of this ringworm I have wasted a lot of my time and need to get back on track. I am trying to catch up with all my blogger friends I am so sorry was not able to visit you guys but now I am back in action. 



P.S. Please pray for me so that my hand is free from this ringworm infection.

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