Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Basket Addiction

I have been wanting to make a basket since a very long time but somehow I couldn't start one...It was only after getting inspired by Tanna's "basket therapy” that I kick started one and seriously !!seriously!! it's addictive!! you just cannot stop at one. A project which gets completed in just a matter of time and guess what I am thinking of starting another one... Small things in life give such a lot of pleasure....

There was a pile of left over cotton yarns which had accumulated since a year now and I was thinking of a project to utilize them....As I was browsing through blogs , I came across a post from Bunny Mummy where she had utilized leftover yarns in making bowls and so I came up with this idea of making the basket out of these leftover yarns.

I am really bad at photography and therefore I have started checking out different features in my camera to develop my photography skills. When I complete a project I am in a rush to click pictures completely forgetting about the technical things which are involved in taking good pictures. But now I have made a point to click good photographs of my projects. 

I hope I have got some good shots of this basket.

Lots of love, 



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