Thursday, 4 September 2014

Baby caps and a no phone day

While I was rushing for office today, I left my cell phone at home and so its "a no phone day" today ...As soon as I got in the bus I realized I have left my phone at home.....Yes it did upset me for a while but later on I thought lets see how a day goes by without using a cell phone, an experiment of a sort.. This incidence made me realize a small phone makes a lot of difference in our lives , cell phones have made life so easy... Now no more worrying about the cell phone episode and lets move on.... 

I made a few baby caps yesterday for all those who had requested it.... I made two of these caps in the same color combination one for a friends daughter and one for my cousin's daughter..

This owl cap was there on my to-do list for a while.. This one is for the guy who runs the mess in my office, its for his Son. He was requesting me for a cap since a long time..... I loved the expression on his face of disbelief and happiness..

How could I not make one for my darling baby Shania... I made her this turban  cap... I am sure she is going to love it... I found the pattern for this turban cap here 

Lastly I would like to share that I made some whole wheat chocolate pancakes yesterday with the recipe Pradeepa of The lazy Hobbyhopper had shared on her blog... Thank you so much Pradeepa for the lovely recipe I enjoyed making them and  my family loved it.......


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