Monday, 13 October 2014

Baby Dress Camille for Shania

My sweet little girl Shania is off to Indore to visit her grandparents and to attend the wedding of her Aunt. I wanted to make something for her before she left, something very pretty . I started my hunt on the internet and I came across this dress , I immediately fell in love with it. Now I knew what I had to make for my Shonu ( I call her Shonu ). I wanted to make it in the same color combination so I rushed to the store the very same day and luckily got  a some what similar shade of pink color ( It is actually pink but in the photos it looks like peach ) in Laura Knitting Cotton Collection. I was so much eager to make the dress that I left all my work and started my project I completed the dress the same night.

After completing it I was waiting to see if it fits her properly because I was getting a lot of negative comments that it wont fit her , I had made it with so much love and was positive that it will definitely fit her and it did fit her but the length was a little short so I had to increase it by two more rounds, she was looking so pretty after wearing it ( Sorry I couldn't get good pictures of her with the dress).

She is gone for a month and I am already missing her. Shonu come back soon.

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