Monday, 4 August 2014

Star Afghan

Monsoon is in full swing here in Mumbai , its pouring heavily and the climate is amazing... Its perfect time to snuggle inside the warmth of your blanket with some crochet and coffee...Last weekend I , along with some of my friends went to Lonavala , its a hill station approx 96 km from Mumbai... It is every year that I visit this place during monsoon.. I can never get enough of its lush greenery and waterfalls... I felt so refreshed It was such a relief a much needed break …

There has been a lot of crocheting these days and I am so happy about it. I completed two of my unfinished projects one of which is this little star afghan which of course is a gift for Shania. I had started this one ages ago when my sis-in-law was expecting. It is really embarrassing that it took such a lot of time....but Shania got this just in time as the climate here has become cooler now...

You can find the pattern for this over here  and here are some pictures of my darling baby with the afghan..

Lots of love 


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