Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Journey to the Garden of EDEN

Here is a short story ( fiction)  about Joys of exploring the unknown which I have posted to enter the contest "I am Explorer !" held by Indiblogger.... 

Quick!!!!! Tabitha...we are getting late......shouted Mrs. Perpetual to her daughter as they were getting ready to board the ship to the gulf of Aeden for their annual family get-together. Tabitha was very excited about the trip as she was going to meet her cousins Michael, Andrea (the nerd of the group), Edward (having a lisp) and Giselle. 

Mr. perpetual as always opted his way out of the vacation to save himself from his nosy in-laws and the long voyage that gets him seasick, albeit it being an overnight sail over the Mediterranean. The following night Mr. and Mrs. Perpetual had a long squabble over this issue, which was quite evident from her temper the following morning. They dragged all their baggage through the long port of Rostock and all the while Mrs. Perpetual kept grumbling about the extra bags that Tabitha had got along despite her being against it....Tabitha wouldn’t help either.

They waited long for the Bartholomew's and the Warren's to arrive, but as usual they trugged around just minutes before the ship blew its horn to set sail. Tabitha's eyes gleamed as she saw her partners in crime....Michael, Andrea , Edward and Giselle were equally elated to see one another and had their tantrums running in their heads. The parents hugged each other reluctantly and boarded the ship. 

The Ship embarked on its journey on the dot, as it did for the past 50 years, never had it left the port late as it was reputed to be....... Everyone settled in their cabins and the children had their separate ones while the elders retired in their own......not long since it was quarter past 8 the kids sneak out of their cabins to explore the serenity of the sea inspite of the elders telling them not to venture out of the cabin. The cold winds lash through the window panes almost rattling it ferociously. The pack still brave their way to the deck at the hind part of the vessel. The Breeze over there at the top was more ghastly... The parents trust their kids this one time to be obedient but to be disappointed the following morning as it would be obviously evident.

The deck of the ship glistened in the moon light making everything look heavenly and blissful. The kids had a sense of superiority and enjoyed the freedom which was to be short-lived..... The harsh waves soon hit the deck and wet the floor making it slippery as the peel of a banana skin. Michael soon could feel the floor under him giving away coz of a faulty tile and within a split second he slipped and passed through the railing of the ship into the wide ocean, Giselle rushed right behind him to hold his hand but tripped onto the dislodged anchor and found her way right into the ocean along with Michael...... 

Tabitha and Edward being the swimmers amongst the clan thought it would be better to jump along to save them as they had noticed a small opening at a decent height just above the base of the vessel at a height from the turbulent waters, enough to hold them all in it safely once they could save the others. Yelling the names of Michael and Giselle and clasping each other’s hands they plunged into the icy cold waters to save them. Hesitantly and shivering with fear Andrea waited, looking anxiously into the waters to see a sign of the quartet and as the guilt began to haunt her she decided to jump too. Occasionally she could see a hand waving out to her out of the water, to which she yelled out their names, but to no avail. Thinking she had lost all of her cousins to the sea, she jumps almost half dead into the waters losing all hope. 
The parents were quite confident that the kids were fast asleep in their beds after their dinner early in the evening and did not wanted to disturb them for supper knowing how mischievous they were.

Meanwhile, back in the sea Tabitha and Edward had lost their hope looking for Michael and Giselle and were pretty exhausted trying to stay afloat...suddenly from the deeps they see the other three (Andrea, Michael and Giselle) appear on dolphin backs to their amazement. They rub their eyes in disbelief and almost immediately faint. Pixie and Mickey the dolphins are waiting for them to gain consciousness to haul the group into the GARDEN OF EDEN

No sooner do they open their eyes and before they could comprehend the on-goings, they are launched like torpedoes into the deeps of the sea by the Commander of the dolphin's MOBY. The group has yet to emerge from the shock and within no time they are at the gates of EDEN. The bright golden light emanating from the gates almost blinded them. Everything happened so quickly that they didn’t even have the time to react to it. Their eyes drooled at the picturesque scenery, one they had not even experienced while on their vacation on the Alps the previous season. It seemed that they had arrived at the PEARLY GATES. 

MOBY , the commander rubbed a magic potion onto their mandibles thus enabling them to breath inside the GARDEN OF EDEN, for the first time in their lives the kids breath their lungs out with the freshest of "EDOGEN" , a special element for visitors outside of EDEN. The visitors can breathe “edogen” to their hearts content; however, their breaths were recycled once they left the paradise. The garden was divided into prefectures with every prefecture built indigenously and elements not seen anywhere else on the face of the earth. The fragrance failed the most expensive perfumes sold in the whole of Arabia. A water like substance gushed through the mountains from the hinterland so pure that could revive the dead to life. Small invisible huts but spacious from the inside enough to contain an entire nation had amazing creatures living in harmony with each other....it basically described the concept of a sustainable living and scope for fulfillment of life. 


MOBY, hands the clan over to the Chief Geronimo, of the Omaron prefecture, the only prefecture accessible to earthly beings. Mr. Geronimo looked amused and he was so friendly that he made the kids feel at home...the kids clicked with him instantly just like everyone else who had visited the Unknown underwater world. They forgot everything about how they reached the Garden of Eden. Geronimo invited them to his humble abode to meet his other family members and for some delicious food unfathomable to the human mind. On their way as they transported uniquely by just “thinking” to be at the Master Hut a cause adopted towards a zero-emission policy by the father of the Land ADAM. This was provisioned in the magic potion Edogen for the visitors from earth. The trip to his home was quite exciting; the kids met friendly EDENER’S who were more than obliged to play humble hosts to them for their entire stay in the Garden depicting complete obedience to authority a dream far-fetched on earth. But, the Chief would decide who will escort the guests. The Kids indeed felt ashamed looking at the hospitality of the Edener’s.

On the way home they came across uniquely abled beings that looked similar to humans but very different in mannerisms, they would walk with subtle steps but their speeds were that of the speed of light. They could do multiple motor reactions while they were walking, for instance sit and eat while walking, sleep and collate information at the same time. There was no concept of death as all of the Edener’s thrived on the Fruit of LIFE called “Manna” which had a secret ingredient known only to the Father of the Land- ADAM. There was word that Adam had a companion named EVE, who had betrayed him with pride and perjury which lead to her being banished from the kingdom. No one ever heard from her after that moment. Rumor had it that she was enslaved in a distant land known as the GOLGOTHA. From then on a decree was passed which mentioned such consequences to whoever broke the only Law of the Land- “Abstain from Pride and Perjury”.

At the chief’s hut there was his entire prefecture awaiting their arrival, as soon as they arrive the entire barrage of musicians’ immensely talented played soulful and heavenly music that could even revive a dead person to dance and heal the sick and disabled. The music followed by a ritual of cleansing by the Patriarch of the prefecture with mystical leaves, ground and mixed with a glutinous substance derived from the Immortal tree known to cure both earthly beings as well as Edener’s. It was available to earthly beings too, for the sole reason that it was rarely that humans had ever entered the place, the last time someone who had gained entry was about 300 Earth yrs ago, a Japanese Sage Yukishi Omata and in his honor the Edener’s named the Place the Omaron Prefecture, and it was as a promise accepted by the father of the Garden of Eden that they would never Invade Earth. The Japanese Sage’s soul was preserved in a crystal bottle at the edge of the ‘River of souls’ for an infinitesimal amount of time. It was said that all noble souls rested on the banks of the River of souls. The names were never disclosed to anyone even in the whole of the Garden of Eden

The children by now were so numb with amazement they went hysterical every passing minute just overwhelmed by all the happenings around. Finally the time came for them to leave the Garden when they could not hold their emotions and broke down inconsolably, immediately their tears vanished with a mermaid taking all of them into her arms and giving them the Motherly embrace, as there was no record of sorrow ever witnessed in the Garden of Eden.
The Chief transported them back to the defining lines of the Prefecture from where Commander Moby took on, obviously not before parting with gifts galore and the willpower and confidence to withstand any calamity they would befall in the course of their life on earth, because the gifts included generosity, love, courage…. The Commander dutifully wiped out the potion of their mandibles and recycled their breaths once they stepped out the gates of The Garden of Eden.

 All this while the ship sailed smoothly through the Mediterranean heading to the port of Aeden with a calmness experienced as always since it set sail 50 years ago. It was three quarters past 4 in the morning Italian time. Pixie and Mickey- the dolphins escorted them back to the ship and almost immediately catapulted them back into their cabins with all memory of their erased about the place they visited. Mrs. Perpetual came knocking on them just in time to see how the kids were doing, it had been a long time she visited them since the previous evening and as expected she found them fast asleep with a smile on their face. The morning came up pleasant for the five of em’ with new energy and Edward having lost his lisp forever into oblivion to everyone’s amazement.

That year’s reunion was a memorable one if not for the elders but for the Children a hundred percent……. ;)

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